Lost and Found

A guide to discovery learning through purposeful wandering

"Out of the Box Thinking" does not go far enough toward explaining the way innovative thinking can be fostered. It is a simple metaphor that only introduces the concept. In Lost and Found, Jamie takes the reader on an extended journey of discovery — climbing out of the box and into a world of surprise and delight. The book is both a guide and a challenge for teachers and students who hope to move past clichés, conventional wisdom and hohumdrum thinking.


A central thesis of this book is the importance of shrugging off one’s preconceptions and certainties when hoping to discover or invent new possibilities. What we think we understand can actually impede learning, since we cannot define in advance what we do not know and therefore cannot skillfully plan how to address what is missing.

This book shows how wandering purposefully may open many doors, windows and pathways that might otherwise remain closed. Jamie McKenzie provides an entertaining and enlightening guide to discovery learning that is sure to delight and surprise the reader.


Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Once was lost

Jamie McKenzie has been exploring questions and questioning for decades now. His work centers on how teachers and schools might nurture those habits of mind most likely to help young ones find and build their own meanings rather than rely upon the thinking of others.

Jamie is convinced that effective inquiry is as much a matter of spirit and style as it is a matter of skill. In this book he suggests that we can all learn to open ourselves to surprising new insights and discoveries.

Based on a lifetime of purposeful wandering, Jamie offers an approach to learning that is practical and productive yet inspiring.


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Table of Contents

Chapter One Once was lost
Chapter Two Exploring the Dark Side
Chapter Three Off the Beaten Path
Chapter Four A Truly Open Mind
Chapter Five Listening to Our Intuitions
Chapter Six Finding the Best Words
Chapter Seven Sailing with the Wind
Chapter Eight Keeping Bad Company
Chapter Nine Mixing it up
Chapter Ten Quietude
Chapter Eleven Stumbling
Chapter Twelve Thinking the Unthinkable
Chapter Thirteen Surrendering
Chapter Fourteen Dancing to a New Beat
Chapter Fifteen Getting off the GoogleMap
Chapter Sixteen Seeking Affinity
Chapter Seventeen Making a Jump Shift
Chapter Eighteen Keeping Track
Chapter Nineteen Questions of Import
Chapter Twenty Connecting the Dots
Chapter Twenty-One Replacing Faux Inquiry with the Real Thing