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Team Discussion One
Reactions to Design Scenarios

The teacher wants teams of students to examine a particular painting on the Internet and then create a new title for that painting along with 4 reasons and details from the painting to support the choice of title.

Here is the painting.

"A Swell of the Ocean"
by Winslow Homer

Which of the following design scenarios do you think would work best? Why? Your group facilitator will conduct the comparison and you will keep track of your group's comments in a graphical organizer. Identify the pros and cons of each.

1) Teams of 3 students work together, each student with their own personal laptop.

2) Teams of 3 students work together sharing two laptops.

3) Teams of 3 students work together sharing a single laptop.

4) The teacher displays the painting on a large screen for the class and asks each student to work alone on paper.

5) Working in pairs, students look at the painting on their Internet capable PDAs and write their responses on the PDAs.


Note: These workshop materials were developed by Jamie McKenzie.

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