Too Hot?



Level A Research Module


How do you feel about hot summer days? How hot is too hot?

Your parents are thinking of moving to one of the following cities. Are some hotter than others? Are some too hot for you?

Del Rio
San Antonio

You and your partner will visit NOAA's Weather site to find the normal high July temperatures of these cities and enter these findings in a spreadsheet next to each city's name. Begin by opening this file of city names by clicking here.

Open a spreadsheet program, then copy and paste the city names into the first column. Place the average temperatures into the next column as you find them at the Yahoo Weather site.

If you have time, sort the cities from highest average temp to lowest average temp and create a bar chart showing the line up of cities.

Go to the NOAA Weather site

  "Normal Daily Maximum Temperature, Degrees F"

You must scroll down the list of cities to find the Texas cities and then find the temperatures just for the cities on your list.


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