Three Visits?

Seven Visits?

The basic strategy is to build a set of online lessons that are linked together in a clear sequence - enough visits so the student teams can complete their research. The number may vary with the complexity of the question and the age of the students.

TOC Table of Contents Page*
 Visit One Questioning and Planning
 Visit Two Gathering/Sorting/Sifting 1
 Visit Three Gathering/Sorting/Sifting 2
 Visit Four Synthesis
Time to stop and "take inventory." Which questions are well answered? Which ones require further investigation? Any new questions?
 Visit Five Gathering/Sorting/Sifting 3
 Visit Six Synthesis
 Visit Seven
------------------------> Presentation

*TOC - One of the early inventors and creators of Research Modules, a 5th grade teacher added an important feature that she calls "Home Port" or "Base Camp." This is a page to which students return over and over as they pass through the stages of the research cycle. It becomes an important focus for the students, helping them to remember the big picture of what they are trying to accomplish.

I have added this feature to the original model but called such a page the TOC (Table of Contents), knowing that teams will find good names for their pages just as Gretchen did.


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