This is the perfect team building book for a group that must contend with change, surprise and confounding conditions.

Learn how to make questions and questioning central to the work of your leadership team — developing skills to cope with oil spills, sudden shifts in working conditions, a "Race to the Top," broad-based staff layoffs and the unthinkable.

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How can leaders and their teams learn to handle the confounding surprises of this century when the unthinkable arrives with such frequency?

In this book, Dr. Jamie McKenzie presents a field guide to managing complexity and surprise with finely tuned questioning skills. Borrowing from a long and distinguished career in the public sector marked by foresight and innovation, he offers a practical approach to questioning that reduces the risk of folly, disarray and surprise.

We expect leaders to be skilled at managing complexity and planning for the unthinkable. Perhaps the most enabling tool to support such leadership is effective questioning.

Introduction (sample)

Table of Contents

Chapter One - Good Doubt and Bad Doubt

Chapter Two - Wondering and Wandering

Chapter Four - Kissing Ask

Chapter Nine - Punchy Combinations

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Table of Contents (tentative listing)

Introduction Managing Complexity with Leading Questions
Chapter One Good Doubt and Bad Doubt
Chapter Two Wondering and Wandering
Chapter Three Challenging Myths and Mythical Leaders
Chapter Four Kissing Ask
Chapter Five Thinking the Unthinkable
Chapter Six Asking the Apparently Irrelevant Question
Chapter Seven The Spirit and Courage of the Serial Questioner
Chapter Eight Creating a Culture of Intense Questioning
Chapter Nine Punchy Combinations
Chapter Ten Probing
Chapter Eleven Debunking
Chapter Twelve Triangulating
Chapter Thirteen Predicting and Speculating
Chapter Fourteen Inventing
Chapter Fifteen Planning
Chapter Sixteen Unanswerable Questions
Chapter Seventeen Interviewing
Chapter Eighteen Investigating
Chapter Nineteen Leading Questions
Chapter Twenty Deciding