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Vol 20|No 9| May|2024

Photos of Dr. Rocsana Timotin, a vet in Romania who treated my cats with love during the months I lived in Bucharest. Her Web site is https://www.catsladyvet.ro/ -- Cats' LadyVet

What's love got to do with it?

by Jamie McKenzie
(about author)
The song “What’s love got to do with it?” (sung by Tina Turner) is about romance, not work, but the question applies perfectly to the way folks might approach their work and the clients they see each day.

Cats' LadyVet

During the pandemic, my cats and I moved back and forth between Istanbul, Bucharest and Varna, a lovely city on the beach in Bulgaria. We had to change countries every 90 days because of visas, so we ended up seeing veterinarians in all three cities. We needed them to sign a pet passport for each cat saying they were healthy for travel.

Preparing to travel to Bucharest by train from Istanbul, we had a bad experience with a vet. My cats were shocked, offended and prepared to refuse any future visits to veterinarians. But then they met Dr. Timotin, who swiftly put them at ease and erased any bad memories from Turkey. She is a true "cat whisperer."

During this time, some veterinarians like Dr. Timotin handled my cats with warmth and love while some others were heavy handed and rough, turning visits into traumas. The difference was startling. Fortunately, most of the vets we met were kind, skillful and capable of winning the trust of my cats. They brought love to their work and the cats.

We did not return to those who were rough and unpleasant.

Above you see two of my cats (Sundae and Pearl) comforting each other recently before meeting a new vet in Denver who proved to be wonderful.


We have all met receptionists who greet us with smiles and genuine warmth, putting us at ease as we prepare for a visit to a dentist, a lawyer or a doctor, but most of us have also encountered receptionists for whom smiles do not come easily or often. Their greeting may strongly influence how we will feel as our visit begins, unless we have a thick skin and know how to shrug off their unpleasantness as a minor bump in our road.

With enhanced security screening at airports and concert venues, those operating the metal detectors and wands range from cold and threatening to reassuring and gracious. As with receptionists, these folks may have a strong impact upon our trip or our concert.

© Photosphere

Bedside Manner

Some doctors who are skilled with their hands have less success when dealing with the emotional side of treating a patient. They may be well schooled in medical science but tone deaf when it comes to care and nurturing. If possible, we are best off selecting doctors who have big hearts as well as great skill.

It is much the same with teachers, as there are some who have an exceptional grasp of their subject matter, be it history, physics or math, but no idea how to present it to students in ways that will intrigue them and enlighten them. Those who teach with love devote themselves to learning about their students so they may tailor lessons and activities to awaken the interest and involvement of the young ones.

© iStock

Note the smile on the teacher in the photo above
and the way she has dropped down
to be on the same level with the student.

With a loving touch

It is much the same with carpenters, as some are content to measure, cut, sand, nail and assemble with little care, while others seem to be putting their heart and their soul into each stage. Wielding a hammer can be a beautiful act. Sanding a piece of wood until it is satin smooth may be a fine performance.

The desk and the clock in the photo above were created long ago by craftsmen with artistry and panache. They brought such love to their work, it continues to shine long after they are gone.

© iStock - credit gorodenkoff

Fine carpentry and woodworking still flourish in these times of mechanization, automation and mass production, as some consumers cherish and can afford rocking chairs, dining tables and grandfather clocks that are created with great care by men and women who are true artists.

"What the World Needs Now"

"What the World Needs Now"
Music and Lyrics by Brut Bacharach and Hal David
Performed by Jackie De Shannon
What the world needs now,
Is love, sweet love,
It's the only thing that there's just too little of.
What the world needs now,
Is love, sweet love,
No, not just for some but for everyone.
Each person will decide how much love, if any, they will pour into their work. For some it is not even a choice. They simply must live their lives and do their work in a loving manner. For others, this approach to work may be much more of a struggle, especially if the work does not seem rewarding or pleasant.

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Laptop Thinking and Writing

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