Vol 6|No 9|June|1997


Comparing & Evaluating Web Information Sources

A major challenge in a time of Info-Glut and Info-Garbage is evaluation of information sources.Before basing a decision on the information available, wise researchers (and students) will give thought to the following criteria:


Staff and students need to learn to apply these concepts critically to the sites they are visiting so they become thoughtful and discerning information consumers. A healthy amount of scepticism is warranted.

Using a table as a "visual organizer" often helps focus the evaluation of sources. List the site or source on the top and then rate each source from four asterisks to one asterisk.


**** Excellent *** Good ** Satisfactory * Weak

 Source One
 Source Two
 Source Three
reliability - accuracy - authority
efficiency - organization


For additional information and resources to support the development of Web site evaluation skills, visit the following sites: