Research Cycle

 Vol 4|No 5|June|2008
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Photo of Golden Gate Bridge in Fog, © 2005, Jamie McKenzie

Exploring Unanswerable Questions

by Jamie McKenzie

This is a chapter from Jamie McKenzie's new book, Leading Questions.

Even though many questions may be unanswerable in the sense that no definitive, clear conclusions can be reached, those same questions are often crucial. Their resistance to analysis makes them no less important. A team’s success may depend upon wrestling with elusive, frustrating questions and issues. In some cases, survival may require such skill.

Photo of Paris Playground, © 2007, Jamie McKenzie

by Jamie McKenzie

Even very young children can wrestle with challenging questions and issues. In this article Jamie outlines strategies to engage four year olds at the top of Bloom's Taxonomy making smart choices (evaluation) and inventing good solutions (synthesis).

Photo of Tauranga Regional Free Kindergarten Association
© 2005, Jamie McKenzie

The Early Childhood Workshop

In May, Jamie conducted a workshop in Tauranga, New Zealand for early childhood teachers. This articles outlines the activities he led and offers a gallery of images showing the teachers involved in those activities.


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