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Gathering/Sorting/Sifting 1


(Provide instructions below for how the students might begin their search. Should they start with an encyclopedia? a book? an electronic periodical? a specific Web site you know is worth visiting?)


Open the word processing file you started yesterday.

Find the MagicMagazines program icon on your desktop and open the MagicMagazines to the screen which allows you to conduct searches.

If you have never used MagicMagazines before, you may wish to stop and read the instructions and helpful hints in the HELP menu.

Now try a search using two or more keywords with "AND" between each word . . .

earthquake AND (readiness or preparedness)


earthquake AND California

Open the pertinent articles and scan to see if there are answers to any of the questions you have listed.

When you encounter good phrases and sentences, consider paraphrasing them and adding them to your notes.

Remember to save only those phrases and sentences which are clearly related to your primary questions. Be sparing!

You are "culling" and "thinning" your findings so that you are keeping only the best and most relevant information.



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