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Synthesis & Evaluation


(On this page you will provide directions to lead your students through the synthesis stage, asking them to stop and take inventory, evaluate the information they have found and see how much insight they can produce.)

Open up the file which you have been using to save your findings.

Now that you have spent time gathering information, stop to organize your findings. Can you throw away material which is unhelpful? Rearrange it? Change categories? Condense?

Work with your partner to figure out how much you have learned. Is the puzzle beginning to take shape? Are you able to make out any patterns? Try moving your information pieces around until some kind of picture emerges.


1. Check off all questions answered sufficiently.

2. Highlight new insights and discoveries of import.

3. Expand the original list of questions to include those "newcomers" which have emerged during your recent research.

4. Identify and discard irrelevant information.

5. Write down new ideas and thoughts which arise as you and your partner look over your notes.

You are looking for insight. What have you learned so far? What more do you need?

You are trying to "tease" meaning out of fragments. Synthesis requires rearranging pieces of information until a new version emerges.


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