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Presentating Insights and Ideas

(Time for your students to share their findings in a persuasive manner, converting their knowledge and insight into a presentation to an audience.)

While many teachers are enthusiastic about presentation software, there is some concern that this software may encourage a focus upon flash and special effects rather than careful thought and persuasion. It is probably better to require both an essay and a multimedia presentation in order to inspire the deep thought and careful consideration we expect from students.

To avoid what the Austraulians call "PowerPointlessness," we make sure students are more concerned about content, logic and thought than flash.

To learn more about this issue, read this article, "Scoring PowerPoints."

In the space below, identify the presentation software program they should use and clarify what you expect to see, including a list of criteria that will be used to assess the quality of the performance.

For a great source of rubrics, take a look at this site:

Many teachers like to show their students these directions early on before they gather much information so that expectations are clear from the very beginning.)

Take a look at how a 5th grade teacher provides directions:




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