A Picture Worth 1,000 Words

Imagine you have been chosen to develop a one page ad for one of the following campaigns. Few words. One powerful image.

Campaign 1 - Ad for arthritis medicine
Campaign 2 - Ad for blood pressure medicine
Campaign 3 - Ad for anti-depressant medicine
Campaign 4 - Ad for cough medicine

You get one picture and only 40 words to create your ad. Note that each campaign may address a different audience with different tastes, wishes, dreams and fears.

Go to Corbis.Com to identify the perfect image. Copy or save it.

Paste the image into your word processing, drawing, paint or publishing program. (Note that all these images are for sale, are watermarked and may not be kept beyond the duration of this lesson.) Add your 40 words. Then write a few sentences explaining why you selected the picture you included.

How much would it cost to use this image in a real life ad campaign?

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