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 Vol 7|No1|October|2010
Beyond Cut-and-Paste
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Faux Inquiry

By Jamie McKenzie

Unfortunately, some models of learning that claim to emphasize inquiry are paying lip service to the concept, engaging students in little more than gathering and scooping. In this article, Jamie shows the difference between looking into a subject and actually developing understanding or insight.

Asking the Apparently Irrelevant Question

By Jamie McKenzie

Unfortunately, a question or issue that seems irrelevant often turns out later to be pivotal. It only appeared irrelevant at the outset. Its lack of relevance was a matter of perception. In most cases, such questions do not even occur to leaders. They must be sought out.

They do not arrive with a fanfare. They are lurking in the shadows where they will gain no attention unless someone goes looking for them. Just because they are hidden does not mean they are unimportant.

With proper training, a team can learn to ask such questions.


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