Research Cycle

 Vol 7|No5|June |2011
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Keeping Track

Chapter Eighteen from Jamie's new book, Lost and Found, planned for shipping
during September of 2011.

While wandering about looking for new ideas, it pays to keep some kind of journal or diary where bits of information can be collected against the day when one will be doing the synthesis that converts scraps into findings and insights. Looked at singly, they may not amount to much, but viewed as part of a collection, sometimes the odd bit becomes a major clue upon which an entire invention or discovery might hinge. Without some systematic attention to storage, many of the fragments may be lost and fade from memory.

Nuance, Subtlety
and the Search for Truth

By Jamie McKenzie

Complex challenges — like improving schools — demand solutions that address all of the various inputs and factors that influence success. There is rarely a challenge involving people and organizations that can be handled by emphasizing a single factor or input.


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Lost and Found

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