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Research Modules are about 3 years old. Explore the list of examples below created by teachers from around the world.

As you explore, step through the lessons and determine whether or not the teachers and librarians built the following elements into the lessons. What do you like? How would you improve them?

Download this Word file to compare at least 5 examples of research modules based on the following qualities.

of Effective Unit Plans
Question requiring original thought:
  • A choice comparing and ranking three or more options
  • A problem-solving challenge

Students must make an answer. They should not be able to find or cut and paste and answer.

Clear reference to state standards
Attractive and engaging design User friendly, intuitive interface that makes navigation easy
Use of the Research Cycle or other good model for the research process Selective gathering required
Expanded questioning activities Ongoing assessment
Multiple reliable sources (digital, human, print) Team research
Clear sequence of steps Persuasive product/performance that shows deep thinking with an essay of some kind.
Repeated attempts at synthesis

Fifth grade science (Planets)
Silver Beach Elementary School, Bellingham Washington

Fifth grade social studies (Exp lorers)
Silver Beach Elementary School, Bellingham Washington

Explorers Then and Now
A curriculum unit developed by teachers in Shrewsbury, MA asking why do explorers explore.
Welcome to Ancient Greece
Wood Middle School, Wilsonville, Oregon
Grand Prairie ISD Texas
Baltimore County Maryland
Bateman's Bay, New South Wales, Australia



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