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Relying Upon Templates

While templates can reduce the flair and creativity of online lessons, they do have the advantage of speeding the invention process. Rather than putting most of your time and effort into color, appearance and special effects, templates permit you to create lessons with little fuss or bother.

© 2002, JMcKenzie
Those with HTML design skills may return to these lessons at a later date to modify design elements in line with personal preferences.

To create lessons during this workshop, you will add words and graphics to 4-6 pages that will be used by students and other teachers.


The artwork for The Slam Dunk logo was done
by Nico Toutenhoofd and Sarah McKenzie
of Insight Designs -
It may not be used or duplicated without the explicit permission

of Jamie McKenzie, inventor of the model

as the image is copyrighted by him.

The materials on the pages of Questioning.Org and the HTML code behind them
are © Jamie McKenzie, all rights reserved.
Some of the icons are courtesy of Jay Boersma's site at http://www.ECNet.Net/users/gas52r0/Jay/home2.html.