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Templates for Lesson Construction

To speed the lesson construction process, you will make use of pages already created in Microsoft Word or in HTML code.* You can simply substitute content and learning activities to match what you have selected. Remember that these activities are meant to be short and sweet - requiring no more than 1-2 class periods. Click on each template to download it to a file on your desktop.

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Word (Mac)
Word (Win)
Part 1 - Question
Part 2 - Source
Part 3 - Task
Part 4 - Assessment
Part 5 - Enrichment
Part 6 - Teacher Resources
PowerPoint Template download

To learn more about this template created by Tim Clarke , read the FNO article "Slam Dunk Lesson Format #6 - The PowerPoint Special"

* There are advantages to each format. Word is the easiest way to construct lessons and load them to a server at a later date if the teachers creating the lessons have no experience with building Web pages. HTML allows links between pages and more control of format for those who have the necessary skills.


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